Communications with Members

First Letter to members – March 2009

Second Letter to members – April 2009

2010 Update letter to members – October 2010

2011 Update letter to members – December 2011

2012 Update letter to members – November 2012

2013 Update letter to members – December 2013

2014 Update letter to members – February 2015

2015 Update Letter to members – March 2016

Update Letter to members – April 2017

Section 143 Letter to members – August 2017  The PPF factsheet referred to at the end of the ‘Valuation Summary withdrawal letter’ can be found here

The Trustee Board fully appreciates the need to keep members informed of progress during the PPF Assessment period and to give the earliest possible notice of changes affecting members’ pensions. This webpage provides a rapid and cost effective way of sharing information and will be updated whenever new information is available.

Please pass on the latest information to members you are aware of who may not have access to the web. If you know anyone who was a member of the Plan and who may not be in touch with the Trustees, please encourage them to use this site to update their contact details and to keep themselves informed about the Plan during the Assessment process.

The Trustees have a duty to act in the interests of all members.  In particular they will be acting on behalf of the members to get the best possible settlement for the Plan during the administration and Assessment process.

Members may wish to seek their own advice, but many issues are addressed through the Q&A on this website or PPF websites.